Ooty to Kozhicode route of TNSTC – Coimbatore

A profitable route dominated only by TNSTC buses …

Ooty to Kozhicode (Calicut) is the most profitable interstate route of TNSTC – Ooty region.

Four buses ply in this route, Two buses via Nilambur district (Nilambur – Manjery) and Two buses via Wayanad District (Meppadi – Vythiry). The Meppadi – Vythiry route was once dominated by KSRTC but now no more.

The buses that run in this route are as follows:

Via Nilambur:

Reg No: TN 43 N 0635
Departing time (from Ooty) : 7.45

Reg No: TN 43 N 0621
Departing time:  15.15

Via Meppadi:

Reg No: TN 43 N 0634
Departing time: 6.30

Reg No: TN 43 N 0625
Departing time: 14.15


17 comments on “Ooty to Kozhicode route of TNSTC – Coimbatore

  1. 9:15 TNSTC Ooty to Kannur (Cannanore). what is the route? via Kozhicode (Calicut)??? or same route like the KSRTC Super Express. (via Sultha Bathery, Mananthavady)

    • I want to Travel from ooty to Kannur, could you please suggest me the bus timings, both ksrtc and tnstc

  2. TNSTC Ooty – Kannur (via Sulthan Bathery, Mananthavady)
    @Ooty – 08:00 , @Mananthvady – 13:00, @Kannur – 16:00
    @Kannur – 22:00, @Mananthavady 01:00, @ Ooty – 06:00

    KSRTC Super Express Ooty – Kannur. (via Sulthan Bathery, Mananthavady)
    @Ooty – 20:00 , @Mananthvady – 00:50, @Kannur – 04:15
    @Kannur – 07:30, @Mananthavady 11:00, @ Ooty – 16:00

    Route: Gudalur, Noolpuzha, Sulthan Bathery, Meenamgadi, Panamaram, Mananthavady, Nidumpoyil, Koothuparamba, Thalassery

    • Ooty-Mysore, Ooty-Bangalore, Ooty-Kozhicode, Nilambur-Sulthanpathery, Coimbatore-Nilambur, Coimbatore-Gundalpet, Ooty-Palakkad, Kotagiri-Ooty-Mysore, Mettupalayam-Ooty-Mysore etc.., Harish can add more details…

    • TNSTC Ooty – Kannur (via Sulthan Bathery) at Ooty 08:00
      KSRTC Ooty – Kannur (via Sulthan Bathery) at Ooty 20:00
      KSRTC Coimbatore – Sulthan Bathery (via Ooty) at Ooty 00:30

  3. Can some please share bus timings from Kozhikode – Ooty and back (Ooty to Kozhikode) ? Thanks in advance

  4. Hi Sir,
    I would like to know the bus timings from Calicut to Ooty, and where do we board the bus at Calicut .
    Please help

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