Palani to Udumalai Direction Bus Timings

Palani is a Temple City Located in Dindigul District. Palani having Three TNSTC Bus Depots. One from Dindigul Regions Palani depot (RMTC). And Two from Tirupur Regions Palani-1 and Palani-2.

Palani-1 is a former CTC depot and Palani-2 is a JTC depot. Services from Palani to Udumalai, Coimbatore, Mettupalayam, Palakkad are Operated by Palani-1 depot. Services From Palani to Dharapuram, Tirupur, Erode, Anthiyur, Kodumudi, Mysore, Bangalore are Operated by Palani-2 depot.

Here is the Bus Timings from Palani to Coimbatore, Pollachi, Munnar, Valparai, Mettupalayam, Ooty and Palakkad by TNSTC-CBE

Palani to Udumalai Direction Timings


6 comments on “Palani to Udumalai Direction Bus Timings

  1. How many tnstc Cbe region buses operated from Cbe to madurai & dindigul from Coimbatore ,pollachi via palani

  2. CBE region Operates one bus in Coimbatore-Madurai Route Via Pollachi, Palani, Ottanchatram (6 am From Ukkadam BS). and 4 Buses to Dindigul from Coimbatore (Ukkadam BS) two buses from Ukkadam-1 depot and 2 buses from Palani-1 depot. also we have one Coimbatore/Pollachi-Pudhukottai bus runs via Palani, Dindigul, Manaparai

  3. Sometime back I saw pollachi,palani1,udumalai,ukkadam branches having each one in Cbe to madurai route.pls verify and share.

  4. Pollachi-1 and Udumalpet Depots having Coimbatore-Madurai route via Pollachi, Palani (Thanks for correction). Ukkadam-1 depots Coimbatore-Madurai route is now extended to Sivakasi. Palani-1 doesn’t have Madurai Service as of now.

  5. How long does it take to get from Palani to Ooty.

    What time does the bus leave the bus station in Palani.

    What is the cost per person from Palani to Ooty.

    How many stops does the bus make on this journey.


    Rogers Chetty

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