Elumalai-Gobichettipalayam Service

Operated by Usilmapatti Depot

Registration : TN 58 N 2189
Region : Madurai
Branch : Usilampatti
Route : Elumalai-Gobichettipalayam
Via : Usilmpatti, Madurai(Aarapalayam) Continue reading


TN 38 N 1800 in Place of TN 38 N 1041

An Downgraded Bus in Place of Scrapped Bus

TN 38 N 1041 met with accident near Mettupalayam, then the bus scrapped due to major problems. after that, Officials decided to Downgrade TN 38 N 1800 which is doing Coimbatore-Mettupalayam service to City bus in place of TN 38 N 1041.

TN 38 N 1041 While doing Mettupalayam-Puliampatti route #P4 Continue reading

Ettukudi-Chennai Super Deluxe Service

Operated by Nagapattinam Region

Ettukudi is a Village Panchayat Located in Nagapattinam District. also famous for Lord Murugan Temple. This Place also one of the Delta area getting connectivity to Chennai.

As we know, Many Delta areas are relatively connected to Chennai Continue reading