TN 43 N 0382-Old Ooty to Bangalore bus.

TN 43 N 0382 belongs to Coimbatore Region’s Ondipudur-1 Branch.This guy is now serving as spare for all routes.He was old Ooty to Bangalore bus.After his successful servings , he was converted into town bus and was given to Ondipudur-1 Branch. Continue reading


Service Vehicles for Erode Region

Workshop Vans, Water Tanker and Ambulance for Erode Region

Old Age Buses which is used by former Jeeva Transport Corporation (JTC) and Cheran Transport Corporation (CTC) is now serving for Erode Region as Service Vehicles.

TCB 2859 Erode Regions Karur Depot Water Tanker Parked inside of Karur Depot Continue reading

Tirupur-Mannargudi Service

Delta Connectivity by Tirupur Region

Tirupur is a famous Banian City in TN. Workers here in Banian Companies are from Delta and South Districts. So Always Tirupur is getting good Connectivity from these Areas. one among the Delta area connectivity by Tirupur Region

Registration : TN 38 N 2647
Region : Tirupur
Branch : Tirupur-1
Route : Tirupur-Mannargudi
Via : Kangeyam, Karur, Kulithalai, Trichy, Thanjavur
Type : Express
Model : Continue reading