Coimbatore-Sivakasi Bypass Riders

Operated by TNSTC-CBE and TNSTC-MDU Coimbatore-Sivakasi is one of the Bypass Rider Service dominated by TNSTC-Coimbatore Region and TNSTC-Virudhunagar. Early both Corporations having Two Each services in this route. after that, Madurai region entered this route with one additional service. then Coimbatore region also Put one extra service in this route. As of now, 6 Services are available in Coimbatore-Sivakasi Route Route Coimbatore-Sivakasi Via Palladam, Dharapuram, Ottanchatram, Madurai, Thirumangalam, Virudhunagar Buses from Coimbatore region in Coimbatore-Sivakasi Route TN 38 N 2611 by Ondipudhur-2 depot

TN 33 N 2959 from Ondipudhur-2 depot


TN 38 N 2611 28-6-2013 TN 38 N 2612 by Ondipudhur-2 depot TN 38 N 2612 6-4 Bus from TNSTC-Madurai in Coimbatore-Sivakasi Route TN 58 N 2145 Madurai Moffusil Depot TN 58 N 2145 12-11-13 TN 67 N 0832 Sivakasi Depot

TN 67 N 0832 13-1-2014

TN 67 N 0856 Sivakasi Depot TN 67 N 0856 Sivakasi-Coimbatore VNR Region


5 comments on “Coimbatore-Sivakasi Bypass Riders

  1. CBE Region having Coimbatore-Tuticorin and Coimbatore-Sivakasi One Services via Pollachi,Palani. Both services are operated by Ukkadam-1 depot

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