TN 39 N 0074 & TN 39 N 0075-Transfered buses from Tirupur region to Erode region.

In TN 39 N **** only two buses are transfered to Erode region.Here is the two buses TN 39 N 0074 & TN 39 N 0075 of Erode Region’s Gobi Branch in Route-Erode to Sathy via Chittode , Kavundhapadi , Gobi.. Continue reading


TN 72 N 1927 – New bus in Tenkasi-Coimbatore Route

Brand New bus from Nellai Region

TNSTC-Tirunelveli Region received 7 new buses in recent allotment. out of 7, Two buses deployed in Thoothukudi-Coimbatore route, one in Udangudi-Coimbatore, one in Tirunelveli-Tirupur route. Another new bus allotted in Tenkasi-Coimbatore route.

Out of 7, 4 Buses are in Coimbatore route. Continue reading