Prodigious clicks of brand New Coimbatore to Trichy buses.

Coimbatore region started to built the new buses and has been delivered from CHERAN ENGINEERING CORPORATION since yesterday.Here are the clicks of 2 brand new beauties who got delivered to Coimbatore Head Office today.Totally till date 5 buses have been delivered.




Buses alloted for : ONDIPUDUR DEPOT.



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Hinder Route # 68C of Coimbatore city resumed.

Route # 68C which was plying from Singanallur Bus Stand to Thudialur was stopped by Coimbatore region’s Ondipudur-1 Branch due to bus shortage as well as poor collection.TN 38 N 1980-A Leyland SLF was plying for this route earlier. Continue reading

TN 01 N 6032-Pamba operating S.E.T.C’s recovery van.

S.E.T.C operates Pamba to Chennai and to other districts during SABARIMALA Seasons.Good number of buses and well maintained buses will only be operated for the purpose of Bhaktha’s for the comfortable travelling convenience.Due to some minor faults , buses will used to get breakdown, during those times TN 01 N 6032 of S.E.T.C’s Shencottaih Branch recovery van which always used to get rested in Pamba during Sabarimala season’s gets the buses recovered from minor problems.Recently it got its face lifted.Here is the past and present pic of TN 01 N 6032. Continue reading

Coimbatore to Mettupalayam.

Coimbatore to Mettupalyam is operated by the respective depots such as Head Office Branch and Mettupalayam-1 Branch.

Few services are given to MTP-1 from HO.Nearly 30 buses are operated by TNSTC-Coimbatore from the respective 2 depots.And presently for the improvemance of the collection as well as the view of the bus, 90% of the buses from Coimbatore region’s Mettupalayam-1 branch has done the stickering works.20 services from MTP-1 Branch has got their vehicles stickered.Here are the following buses. Continue reading

A small antiquity of TN 38 N 1786.

TN 38 N 1786-Now belonging to Coimbatore region’s Maruthamalai branch was the one who was serving in Tirupur to Guruvayur route earlier.After his successful run, later he was alloted to route Pazhani from Pollachi.Subsequently he was transfered to Maruthamalai branch inorder to convert it to Town bus.And here comes the small history of TN 38 N 1786 of Coimbatore region. Continue reading

New route inaugurated.

TN 38 N 1806 of Coimbatore region’s Maruthamalai branch in New Route # 70 / A70 / 70R. Continue reading


TNSTC-COIMBATORE operates noyyal jets in Coimbatore to Madurai route.As of now TN 33 N 2954 and TN 33 N 2955 is in operation.They used to do trips to Chennai during weekends. Continue reading

TN 45 N 3453-Srirangam-Trichy to Maruthamalai.

TN 45 N 3453-Srirangam-Tanjore-Trichy to Coimbatore-Maruthamalai has now become a mega hit service.This service was started from 01-08-2013.Today 39 seats has been loaded to Trichy and Tanjore from Maruthamalai.Its an total surprise of this hit.Thankyou to TNSTC-Kumbakonam was starting this route. Continue reading

Road Safety week.

From 10.01.2016 to 19.01.2016 it was Road Safety week.In accordance of this week our TNSTC-Coimbatore conducted many drama’s..etc.During the whole week celebration of this campaign, variety of educational banners, safety posters, safety films, pocket guides and leaflets related to the road safety are distributed to the on road travelers. They get motivated about the road safety while travelling on road means having planned, well-organized and professional way traveling. People who travel in unprofessional way are requested to use road safety measures and follow traffic rules by giving them roses. Continue reading

999,1999,2999 !!!

TNSTC-COIMBATORE’s TN 38 N **** series was started before 20 to 30 years.During that period Coimbatore region received many buses.And now TN 38 N **** has reached TN 38 N 3037 (the last bus upto date on road ).On the middle there are some special buses.And three of many are TN 38 N 0999 , TN 38 N 1999 , TN 38 N 2999. Continue reading

Exclusive engineering style by CEC.

New buses have started arriving to Coimbatore city.All the new bus photos have been taken.All are taken in a restricted area.So it cannot be posted here.But eventhough here is 3 photos taken in a different background. Continue reading