Prodigious clicks of brand New Coimbatore to Trichy buses.

Coimbatore region started to built the new buses and has been delivered from CHERAN ENGINEERING CORPORATION since yesterday.Here are the clicks of 2 brand new beauties who got delivered to Coimbatore Head Office today.Totally till date 5 buses have been delivered.




Buses alloted for : ONDIPUDUR DEPOT.



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Hinder Route # 68C of Coimbatore city resumed.

Route # 68C which was plying from Singanallur Bus Stand to Thudialur was stopped by Coimbatore region’s Ondipudur-1 Branch due to bus shortage as well as poor collection.TN 38 N 1980-A Leyland SLF was plying for this route earlier. Continue reading

Udumalai-Tirupur 1 to 4 Service

TNSTC-CBE Non Stop Express Service

TNSTC-Tirupur Introduced 1 to 4 Non Stop bus service in Udumalai-Tirupur Route upon public Demand. 4 trips are available from both ends. Udumalai Depot operating this service with Same Ordinary fare. no extra charges. Hope, This service get good response soon. Travelled this service from Udumalai to Palladam recently. Maintained 70 and reached 50 mins from Udumalai. Continue reading

Coonoor branch duo rocking the roads

TNSTC Ooty Region’s Coonoor branch is known for the well maintained buses by their crew, especially their Kaveri Thendral duo (TN 33 N 3144 and TN 38 N 1987) had never failed to gain attraction from the public. These buses are maintained by their own crew, 8 of them, and their passion and dedication towards their work is noteworthy.

The patronage of these buses is overwhelming, which can be seen obvious in Trichy Central bus stand. “Seats to Ooty starts to get filled up before the bus enters Trichy CBS itself, and with respect to our personal interest and increasing demand, we have deployed the bus TN 38 N 1987 as an additional Ooty – Trichy service, under the name “Mudhal Vaarisu” and that bus still performs well in this route, despite being a 7-year old bus”, says Mr. Vijayakumar, driver of the Hills Queen TN 33 N 3144.

Here are some of the photos from the busfanning session of our team, on 18th December 2016.
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Coimbatore to Mettupalayam.

Coimbatore to Mettupalyam is operated by the respective depots such as Head Office Branch and Mettupalayam-1 Branch.

Few services are given to MTP-1 from HO.Nearly 30 buses are operated by TNSTC-Coimbatore from the respective 2 depots.And presently for the improvemance of the collection as well as the view of the bus, 90% of the buses from Coimbatore region’s Mettupalayam-1 branch has done the stickering works.20 services from MTP-1 Branch has got their vehicles stickered.Here are the following buses. Continue reading

Rebuild City bus build by CEC, Pollachi

Refurbished City Bus after Major Accident

TN 38 N 2455 Introduced in 2010 for Coimbatore-Palani Route from Pollachi-2 Depot build by Coimbatore region’s own CEC Pollachi body building unit. upto February-2016 it was running in the same route from Pollachi-2 Depot. After that, it got transferred to Valparai Depot and running in Valparai-Tirupur as a spare. to be the bad time, it was met with Major Accident near Negamam in Pollachi-Palladam Road. Continue reading

Transferred buses from Erode Region

Erode region transferred buses in Coimbatore

TNSTC-CBE Erode region recently downgraded 15+ Tata buses to city services in Erode, Bhavani and Gobi areas. Some Good condition buses from Erode region in TN 33 N 18xx are transferred to Tirupur and Coimbatore region’s for replacement of very old buses exists in the above mentioned regions. Coimbatore region closely received 8 Buses from Erode. TN 38 N 10xx are slowly sent to Scrap yard and TN 33 N 18xx are in place for them. Continue reading

Erstwhile Learner Buses of TNSTC-CBE

Downgraded to City services

Recently TNSTC-CBE downgraded three BS-3 Model (TN 38 N 2083, 2871, 2876) to Learner Buses in place of old BS-2 Buses TN 38 N 1402, 1403 and 1405. we are searching where these are went. Then, after long time find out all the three buses which was rounding in Coimbatore city. Ukkadam-2, Sungam-1, Sungam-2 Depots gets one each buses in place of TN 38 N 13xx Tata Buses which are scrapped recently. Here we go for the pics… Continue reading

Converted Tata Town Buses in Erode Region

Downgraded TML City Buses

TNSTC-CBE Erode region received Tata Buses in 2012-13 in a good number of shares. Mostly this TML buses are allotted to Erode-Coimbatore and Erode-Tirupur routes. apart from Erode-Mettur, Bhavani-Coimbatore and Sathy-Erode also. Recently erode region getting good number of new buses in AL platform and replaced most of TML buses in TN 33 N 28xx. we all are expecting that replaced TML buses are going to transferred to Coimbatore. But, to be the surprise all the buses are running under Erode region. Continue reading

A small antiquity of TN 38 N 1786.

TN 38 N 1786-Now belonging to Coimbatore region’s Maruthamalai branch was the one who was serving in Tirupur to Guruvayur route earlier.After his successful run, later he was alloted to route Pazhani from Pollachi.Subsequently he was transfered to Maruthamalai branch inorder to convert it to Town bus.And here comes the small history of TN 38 N 1786 of Coimbatore region. Continue reading

TNSTC-Coimbatore region New Learner Buses

Downgraded Learner buses from CBE Region

TNSTC-Coimbatore region driver training institute which was located in Pollachi is the one and only center having driving simulation training while driving in TN. Totally 6 Learner buses are attached to this Unit which was served as a Passenger vehicles from the beginning. There are two Hill Station buses, and 4 Usual buses are attached in the previous days. Apart from 4, Three buses are bit old and they are BS-2 Model buses. But present days are BS-3 Models. So Officials decided to Change that 3 BS-2 Buses to City services, and get back BS-3 Model buses to Learner Vehicles. Continue reading

New route inaugurated.

TN 38 N 1806 of Coimbatore region’s Maruthamalai branch in New Route # 70 / A70 / 70R. Continue reading


TNSTC-COIMBATORE operates noyyal jets in Coimbatore to Madurai route.As of now TN 33 N 2954 and TN 33 N 2955 is in operation.They used to do trips to Chennai during weekends. Continue reading