Attur-Kollimalai New Service

Another Route to Kollihills

TNSTC-Salem region Started new hill rider service to Kollihills other than usual Karavalli Route. This service takes Thammampatti, Mullikurichi Route to Reach Cholakadu and from there proceed to Kollihills Arapaleeswarar Temple. This service will be more benefit to the intermediate pax and touristers to reach Kollihills in another Route. Continue reading


Retired Kollihills Rider in Yercaud Ghats

Transferred bus from Kollihills

TNSTC-Salem region recently added new buses to Kollihills. 11 New buses are operated to Kollihills from Namakkal, Salem and Rasipuram. TN 30 N 0855 was previously running in Rasipuram-Othakadai Route and now getting new bus. Hence, the bus was transferred to Johnsonpet-2 Depot and now running in Yercaud. Continue reading

Attur-Rakodu New Hill Rider Service

TNSTC-Salem region Hill Rider service to Kalvarayan Hills

TNSTC-Salem introduced new hill rider service to Kalvaran Hills from Attur to Rakodu Route. Though villages of PERIYA KALVARAYAN HILLS falls in ATTUR taluk administration, they have to travel around 80 kms to reach ATTUR. There is no direct connectivity through Road.
First bus service connecting plains ATTUR with villages of PERIYA KALVARAYAN HILLS  Continue reading

Pollachi-Pudhukadu Via Valparai Ghats

TNSTC Hill Rider bus to Valparai Hills

TNSTC-Coimbatore Region Hill Service to Valparai Estate Area Pudhukadu From Pollachi. This service is the only source from Pudhukadu Estate Workers to reach Nearby Valparai town or Pollachi. Transferred bus from Nilgiris doing this Pollachi-Pudhukadu Route Now. Expecting a New buses to Valparai Hills very Soon Continue reading

Trichy Region New Small Bus to Pachamalai Hills

Brand New Hill Rider from Trichy region

Trichy region received new small buses to Pachamalai hills from Thuraiyur in 2015. Only one Oldie TN 43 N 0388 is doing Thuraiyur-Bondhai Route. in 08-February-2016 Inaugural, Kumbakonam received 202 New buses. This new Hill rider also part of that. Surprise catch at Thuraiyur. This one replaced the Old one. Now pachamalai service from Thuraiyur are completely new buses. Continue reading

Nilgiri Hill Rider now Performing in Valparai Ghats

Transferred bus from Ooty Region

TNSTC Ooty region received 62 New Small buses for Ghat road operations. 52 Old Buses which running in Ooty and Coimbatore region are scrapped due to Age over. and some good conditioned buses from Ooty region got transferred to Pollachi-2 and Valparai depots. already we updated many Buses which running in Valparai. Here is one more hill rider to Pollachi-2 depot for the replacement of TN 38 N 1310 Continue reading

Happy 22nd Birthday to BTC

Mahakavi Bharathiar Transport Corporation

Nilgiri district Private buses are taken over under Nationalization scheme as on 14.01.1973 by Cheran Transport Corporation. Later, 18.02.1994 Cheran Transport Corporation was Bifrucated to Mahakavi Bharathiar Transport Corporation in Nilgiri district. Ooty-1, Ooty-2, Coonoor, Gudalur and Kotagiri depots are under control by BTC. again BTC merged with CTC. Continue reading

TNSTC-Salem New Hill Riders to Kollihills and Yercaud

TNSTC-Salem Brand New Hill Rider Buses

TNSTC-Salem region Operating Hill Rider Bus Services to Kollihills and Yercaud for benefit passengers and Tourists. too old hill rider buses getting replacement this time, TN 30 N 00xx and TN 30 N 02xx Serial old Hill Riders are replaced with new buses. Namakkal unit done good job asusual in build this cute buses with Digital Route boards. Continue reading

TNSTC New Small Bus Service Via Kattanchimalai

TNSTC-Ooty region new bus service

TNSTC-Coimbatore Ooty region started Operating new Small bus service in Ooty-Aathimathayanur route Via Mettupalayam, Kattanchimalai. Kattanchimalai, Marudhur, Kandiyur, Thayanur, Selvapuram are rural village areas in Coimbatore district. we have frequent of city bus service to Aathimathayanur, Velliankadu from Mettupalayam Via Karamadai. Continue reading

Small Buses of TNSTC-Coimbatore Ooty Region

62 New Small Buses – Full Coverage

TNSTC-Coimbatore Ooty region received 62 new Small buses in the previous last two inaugurations as 18-06-2015 (44 Buses), 12-10-2015 (18 Buses) respectively at the total number of 62 Buses fund by Hill Area Development Program (HADP). This new buses are replaced the Old Buses which running in the existing Routes. TN 43 N 03xx and TN 43 N 04xx serial hill riders are scrapped and very few are transferred to Valparai Continue reading

TNSTC-MDU Meghamalai/Iravangalar Hill Rider

TNSTC-Dindigul region Hill Rider Service

TNSTC-Madurai Dindigul region Operating hill rider service to Meghamalai/Iravangalar from Chinnamanur. Two Buses TNSTC and Sole private stage carriers on duty in this ghat service. From TNSTC Side, Theni and Cumbum-1 Depot operating one each service to Meghamalai/Iravangalar Continue reading

TN 30 N 0067 Namakkal-1 Depot Namakkal-Vilaram

TNSTC Buses in Kollimalai Ghats

An Wonderful Fanning session in Kollihills

The Mountain is named Kolli Malai behind the name of Goddess Ettukkai Amman(KolliPaavai).

The Kolli Hills are featured in several works of classical Tamil literature such asSilappathigaram, Manimekalai, Purananuru and Ainkurnuru. The region was ruled by Valvil Ori around 200 A.D., who is praised as one of the seven great philanthropists of ancient Tamil Nadu. His valor and marksmanship are sung by several poets, and his exploits are a popular part of folklore. Ori is said to have killed a lion, bear, deer and a boar with a single arrow. The hills are said to be guarded by Kollipavai also called as “Ettukkai Amman”, the local deity. According to legend, the sages chose Kolli hills when they were looking for a peaceful place to do their penance. Continue reading

TNSTC-Madurai Iravangalar Hill Rider

TNSTC Hill Rider Service in Meghamalai and Iravangalar

An Rare Pic of Old RMTC Bus (Present TNSTC Dindigul Region) running in this route in it’s last days

Meghamalai popularly called High Wavy Mountains, is a cool and misty mountain range situated in the Western Ghats in Theni district, Tamil Nadu. It is a place of natural beauty dotted with cardamom plantations and tea estates. The place is situated at an elevation of 1,500 m above sea level and it is rich in flora and fauna. This area, now mostly planted with tea, includes Cloudlands, Highwavys and Manalaar estates, the access to which is now largely restricted. It still includes large untouched remnants of evergreen forest.

Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary
There is a long-pending proposal with the Tamil Nadu Forest Department to establish the Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary on 600 km2 of forest in the division. Priority tasks in the sanctuary should be the control of poaching and the use of pesticides, the elimination of ganja (Cannabis sativa) and the cultivation and scientific management of watersheds. The Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary can be an excellent buffer to the Periyar Tiger Reserve and Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary and can immensely strengthen conservation in the southern Western Ghats, the range of hills south of the Palakkad Gap.

TNSTC-Madurai Dindigul region old Warrior TN 57 N 0879 Batlagundu Depot towards Iravangalar shared on Net. Thanks to a photographer to Click this pic and shared with us
TN 57 N 0879