Wish You Happy Diwali

May the “Festival of Lights”  illuminate your life and your Home with the Glow of Happiness… and the Sparkle of Joy…

Wish you all “A Sparkling and Happy Diwali” from Team Brindhavanam

Pic: Ramesh


Farewell to the Crew

An wonderful way to bid adieu to the crew of MTC.

The driver of the bus TN 01 AN 0823 plying on Route # 41F between Mandaiveli to Koyambedu (Tag: Mayilai Mayil to Koyambedu Kuyil) retires today and a spectacular send off has been thrown out for him. The bus which he drives is beautified with large garland, sides full of flowers and colorful decorations. The bus is full of flower merchants and a lady  gave hand full of flowers.

The driver addresses the passengers and public that, ” I am retiring from today. I use Government buses and do not use bikes for city travel. By doing so we can reduce pollution and save oil.

As his career comes to an end, t would be only fitting to note that he leaves a mark and would be an inspiration to others. Let us applause him for the good motto and his service to the public transport.


New route inaugurated.

TN 38 N 1806 of Coimbatore region’s Maruthamalai branch in New Route # 70 / A70 / 70R. Continue reading

Kumarapalayam – Namakkal

Kumarapalayam is also called as ‘Komarapalayam‘ . Kumarapalayam and Bhavani are twin cities separated by the Cauvery river, Kumarapalayam in Namakkal district and Bhavani in Erode district. Kumarapalayam is famous for its textile industries.So that, it can also be called as Textile Town.

There are many spinning mills, yarn dyeing processing units, manual dyeing units, weaving units, calendering mills, export oriented units, and related ancillary units in and around Komarapalayam.

The state government, in assistance with the central government, is setting up a high-tech park for shuttle-less looms in Kumarapalayam called Cauvery High Tech Park.

Roadways is the primary means of transport. National Highway 47, a dual carriage highway with services roads, passes near the town. It gives access to Salem and Coimbatore which are 60 and 107 Kilometres respectively. Government and privately owned buses are available to reach Erode, Pallipalayam, Bhavani, Perundurai, TiruchengodeNamakkal, Sankagiri, Salem, Idaippadi, Mettur, Anthiyur, Tirupur and Coimbatore with more frequencies. Long distance bus service available to Palani and Chennai. The nearest railway station is Erode junction (20 km) and the nearest airport is Coimbatore airport (98 km).

TN 30 N 0763 Kumarapalayam – Namakkal via Veppadai, Tiruchengode (Sankagiri Branch).

TN 30 N 0763

TN 30 N 0763 Rear

TN 30 N 0839 Kumarapalayam – Namakkal via Pallipalayam, Tiruchengode (Tiruchengode Branch).

TN 30 N 0839

TN 30 N 0839r

Valparai Bus Timings

Valparai to Coimbatore, Palani, Tirupur and Pollachi Bus Timings

Valparai is a Taluk and hill station in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu, India. It is located 3,500 feet (1,100 m) above sea level on the Anaimalai Hills range of the Western Ghats, at a distance of 100 kilometres (62 mi) from Coimbatore and 65 kilometres (40 mi) from Pollachi. There are 40 hairpin bends on the way up to Valparai from Azhiyar. Continue reading

TN 32 N 38xx SERIES X

TN 32 N 3888 Chennai – Salem (Kallakurichi 1 Branch)

TN 32 N 3888 (5)

Rear View

TN 32 N 3888 (4)

TN 32 N 3890 (Vadalur Branch); Neyveli TS – Chennai

TN 32 N 3890

TN 32 N 3892 (Sankarapuram Branch); Kallakurichi – Chennai 1 TO 5

TN 32 N 3892 (2)

TN 32 N 3893 (Chidambaram Branch); Chidambaram – Salem

TN 32 N 3893

TN 32 N 3897 Chennai – Salem (Kallakurichi 2 Branch) arriving home

TN 32 N 3897

TN 32 N 38xx SERIES XI

TN 32 N 3876 (Kallakurichi 1 Branch) Kallakurichi – Chennai

TN 32 N 3876

Rear View

TN 32 N 3876 (2)

TN 32 N 3879 Villupuram – Thanjavur

TN 32 N 3879

TN 32 N 3881 (Kallakurichi 1 Branch); Salem – Chennai

TN 32 N 3881 (1)

TN 32 N 3881 (2)

TN 32 N 3882 Kallakurichi 1 Branch; Salem – Chennai

TN 32 N 3882 (2)

Rear View

TN 32 N 3882

TN 32 N 3884 Cuddalore – Salem; Cuddalore 1 Branch

TN 32 N 3884

Rear View

TN 32 N 3884 (6)

TN 32 N 3886 Sankarapuram – Chennai; Sankarapuram Branch

TN 32 N 3886 (3)

Same 3886 in 1 TO 5 Avatar

TN 32 N 3886 (6)


TNSTC-COIMBATORE operates noyyal jets in Coimbatore to Madurai route.As of now TN 33 N 2954 and TN 33 N 2955 is in operation.They used to do trips to Chennai during weekends. Continue reading