Udumalai-Tirupur 1 to 4 Service

TNSTC-CBE Non Stop Express Service

TNSTC-Tirupur Introduced 1 to 4 Non Stop bus service in Udumalai-Tirupur Route upon public Demand. 4 trips are available from both ends. Udumalai Depot operating this service with Same Ordinary fare. no extra charges. Hope, This service get good response soon. Travelled this service from Udumalai to Palladam recently. Maintained 70 and reached 50 mins from Udumalai. Continue reading


7 New Buses of Tirupur Region

Brand New Buses from March-1, 2016 Inaugural

TNSTC-Tirupur region received 7 New buses in 01-03-2016 Inaugural. This time Tirupur region received 6 Tata Buses and one Ashley. Asusual Tata Buses are dumbed to Palladam and Udumalai Depot. 3 Each TML Buses are given to them, and rest One AL is given to Tirupur-1 Depot. Continue reading

Least Intercity Survivor in TN 38 Serial

Old Age Mofussil Bus From Tirupur region

TN 38 N 1038 is the least mofussil bus serving for public under TN 38 N Coimbatore registration. Udumalai-Anaimalai Route always deployed with old buses. TN 38 N 1038, TN 38 N 1039, TN 38 N 1040 old ones are running in this route only Continue reading

Udumalai-Negamam City Bus Service

Tirupur region City Bus Service

TNSTC-CBE Tirupur region city bus service between Udumalai-Negamam Connecting two important towns of Tirupur and Coimbatore districts. There are two different routes are there to Negamam from Udumalai. One is takes via Kottamangalam, Kudimangalam, Pethappampatti, Kongalnagaram and the other route is Via Mukkonam, Poolankinar, Anthiyur, Gomangalam, Poosaripatti, Karapadi Continue reading

Tirupur Region Udumalai-Mettupalayam Service

Udumalpet Depot Dominating Service

Uudmalpet-Tirupur-Mettupalayam having Couple of Profitable TNSTC Services dominated only by Tirupur Region Udumalpet Depot. They also having Udumalpet-Ooty Couple of Services via Tirupur, Mettupalayam. Even, Udumalai Depot having Udumalai-Mettupalayam Couple of Services Via Pollachi, Coimbatore as well Continue reading

Udumalai-Erode by Udumalpet Depot

Tirupur and Erode Region Dominating Route

Tirupur-Udumalpet is a 80% Village Route Connects Tirupur,Udumalpet and Palladam Towns. Enroutes are Famous for Agri and Windmills. Kethanur, Jallipatti, Kudimangalam, Periyapatti Etc.., This route is Dominated only by TNSTC-Coimbatore. We have 10 Mins Frequency of Bus service in Udumalpet-Tirupur Continue reading

Scrapped Buses of Tirupur Region in their Last Performance

TNSTC Tirupur Region Scrapped Their 8 Old Age City buses on Nov-2014 Base. In This List, Palladam depot scrapped lead of 4 Buses, Tirupur-1 depot scrapped 3 buses and remaining one from Udumalpet depot. All the 8 Buses are Former Continue reading

TN 43 N 0469 Brindhaavan Express

TN 43 N 0469 Recently Downgraded to City bus of TNSTC Tirupur Regions Udumalpet Depot Running in Udumalai-Kallapuram #6 Route Via Gandhisavuk, Government Arts College, Bodipatti, Elayamuthur.

This one is Earlier Running in Ooty-Mysore Route tagged as BRINDHAAVAN EXPRESS. Now, It Doing City Service Replaced by TN 38 N 0731. After Formation of Tirupur Region, Udumalpet Depot Received some Decent Looking Buses. Earlier It is CBE Region, CBE Transfer worst Condition buses to Secondary depots like Continue reading

அபூர்வ சகோதரர்கள்

TN 38 N 1049 and TN 38 N 1050 of Udumalpet in Udumalai-Tirupur Route

TN 38 N 1049 மற்றும் TN 38 N 1050 இவ்விருவரும் உடுமலைப்பேட்டை கிளையைச் சார்ந்தவர்கள். உடுமலைப்பேட்டை-திருப்பூர் தடத்தில் நீண்ட பல நாட்களாக இயக்கப்பட்டு வருகின்றனர். ஒவ்வொரு முறை புதிய பேருந்துகள் துவக்கி வைக்கப்படும் போதும் இவை Continue reading